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After nearly 20 years of providing equipment financing for trucking companies just like yours, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing here. And whether you’re looking for new or used equipment, or even wanting to refinance an existing loan, we have the experience and expertise to deliver for your business.

Our equipment financing gives you:

  • Direct financing with competitive rates
  • Quick approval and funding
  • Simple, straightforward terms
  • Customized solutions for your needs
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“We know they’ll be there for us.”

Giltner Inc. found a financial rebirth when partnering with TAB Bank. With an aging fleet of trucks, Giltner knew it was time to invest in new trucking equipment. “Our maintenance cost was killing us,” said Greg Paulson, Giltner’s chief financial officer. “TAB Bank was able to look at that and understand where our ratios and our cents-per-mile should be, and they knew what would happen instantly if they were to help us with new equipment.” Not only did TAB Bank assist Giltner to purchase new equipment, the bank also provided resources to help find the proper equipment. Paulson recommends TAB Bank not only for its specialization in trucking, but for the beneficial relationship TAB Bank creates. “One of the reasons we stay with TAB Bank is because we know they’ll be there for us if things get tough,” said Paulson.


Mary, Vice President, Finance Company

“TAB Bank has a very dedicated team of professionals who have provided our business with a great experience. They have been quick to help support the growth of our company and continue to work hard for our company.”

Lisa, CFO, Technology Company

“As far as TAB Bank goes, I don’t know what I would do without them. They have definitely made a big difference in our business.”

Dave, President, Distribution Company

“Our experience with TAB Bank has been very positive. In today’s economy, it is reassuring to know that there are still financial institutions out in the market that clearly understand the needs and challenges that smaller middle market companies face on a daily basis.”

Bob, Vice President, Manufacturing Company

“I’m not stuck behind a bureaucratic wall of impersonality. We can interact and solve problems in very clear language and make things happen. That’s why I like TAB.”

Mark, President, Manufacturing Company

“Our experience in working with TAB Bank can be summed up in two words – proactive partnership. Without a doubt, TAB Bank is a different bank that makes a difference. Our company is pleased to be working with them.”

Greg, CFO, Transportation Company

“One of the unique things about TAB Bank is that they are a bank that specializes in trucking – at a much higher level than any other bank.”