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It’s your money. You’ve worked hard to make it. Now, it’s time for that money to work for you, on your own terms. Certificates of deposit from TAB Bank are available in multiple duration lengths. Whether you want to invest your money for six months or 60 months, you will find the right CDs to help you achieve your personal investment goals with TAB Bank.

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What is a Bank CD?

Bank certificates of deposit known as “CD” for short, are issued when you invest your money with our bank for a specified length of time. The date at which your investment can be withdrawn is fixed when you open the account, and it’s known as the maturity date. You can invest any denomination you wish aside from the minimum investment requirement.

There are many things to love about CD  accounts with TAB Bank, including:

  • $1,000 minimum to open an account
  • Maturities from six months to five years
  • Various interest payment methods: check, transfer or compounding
  • Certificates that are automatically renewable unless indicated otherwise
  • Great rates that get even greater the more you invest
  • Our bank has highly competitive CD annual percentage yield rates

How Do Bank Certificates of Deposit Work?

What do you get when you deposit your money in TAB Bank for a specified duration? You get the security of having a fixed interest rate that is going to be higher than the rates offered on other accounts. Once that specific date has been reached (referred to as the maturity date), you receive your principal balance (the money you deposited) plus all the interest that has accrued. If you need to access your money before the CD matures, you must pay a penalty or lose some of the accumulated interest.

Who Issues a Certificate of Deposit?

We do! At TAB Bank, we have various options for personal certificates of deposit. You can feel confident investing your money with us because we have been in the business of helping people, like you, grow their wealth for more than 20 years.

Invest Higher. Wait Longer. Gain More.

When it comes to getting the most from a personal CD account, you should always try to invest the most that you can and for the longest duration as possible. That’s how it’s done if you want to reap the highest available CD interest rates. Always make wise financial decisions and Invest according to your needs and budget.

Be sure that you are financially stable before you place a good majority of your money in bank CDs. At TAB Bank, we extend our $1,000 minimum deposit even to the longer-term, higher-interest loans. Before you open a certificate of deposit account, secure your assets by making sure that you have an “emergency fund” available. Deposit a comfortable amount into an account that you can have immediate access to, such as account.

What is Compound Interest, Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and Interest Rate?

Periodically, there is interest added to your principal, which is known as compound interest. However, the main difference between a savings account and a certificate of deposit is that CDs are time-specific. If you try to access the funds before the maturation date, you will have to pay a fee or penalty. With a savings account, you can withdraw money at any time – but because of that – you may not accumulate as much interest as you can with a CD.

When you invest your money into CDs from TAB Bank, you will know the fixed interest rate of the CD before you buy it. This rate will not change the entire time your investment is held by the bank. You should also know what the annual percentage yield is going to be from your certificate of deposits.


Personal investing does not have to be risky. Depositing your money into a certificate of deposit is a secure way to grow your wealth.


We are committed to helping clients understand the terms and conditions and how a bank certificate of deposit works.


Personal investing with TAB Bank is straightforward and easy. We are committed to streamlining the process and keeping it brief.

Build a CD Ladder to Gain the Highest Interest Accumulations

Do you know what a CD ladder is? When you divide your total investment and purchase several different CDs with a variety of maturity dates, this is known as a CD ladder. Each year when your one-year CDs mature, renew them and convert them into five-year CDs.

If you want to explore personal investing, but you aren’t sure what kind of strategy would work best, consider certificates of deposit. Also, remember that by breaking up the balances you want to invest and purchasing separate certificates of deposit decreases both the interest rate and the reinvestment risks.

















How A CD Ladder Works

Why Should You Invest in a CD from TAB Bank?

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Your money is secure.

Regardless of the market fluctuations, your deposit is guaranteed, and FDIC insured up to the federal maximum of $250,000 per individual.

Interest rates remain stable.

Before you make an investment, you will be given a fixed interest rate that gets higher the more money you invest, and it doesn’t budge.

You only pay low fees for the investment.

However, if you decide to withdraw the money prematurely, there is an interest penalty..

Plan your future.

Getting married? Buying a new car? If you have a big investment coming up, a personal CD is a perfect way to save that money in a place that is secure and grows over time. Commonly, people invest in CDs, or even a CD ladder, that would mature at the time when a child enters college.

Bypass the regular account interest rates.

TAB Bank offers APYs that are among some of the best CD bank rates in the financial industry.

What is a Roth IRA and How Does it Work?

In a lot of ways, you can say that a Roth IRA is a retirement account with tax deductions that works in the opposite way of a traditional IRA. Instead of being taxed only when the money is dispensed, with a Roth IRA you pay taxes on your contributions every year and don’t pay any taxes on distributions – even your investment earnings. Another advantage provided by Roth IRAs is that you can withdraw contributions at any time without paying a penalty. This can be a tool used to save money to buy a house or to make a large purchase, it doesn’t have to be a retirement fund.

What is a Traditional IRA and How Does it Work?

A traditional individual retirement account (IRA), gives you a tax deduction on money that’s invested in your retirement fund. All the money you put into the IRA along with the investment earnings that accumulate are not taxed until they are withdrawn.

Disclosure: This offer is good on new CDs only. The minimum balance to open a CD is $1,000. You must maintain the minimum balance indicated in the tables above to earn the disclosed APY. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Calculations of the APY assume interest is credited to the account monthly. Fees could reduce earnings on accounts. Refer to the appropriate Fee Schedule and Accounts Disclosure.


Call 800-215-7128 to apply for a Traditional or Roth IRA.

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