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Say Hello to a Smarter Approach to Invoice Lending

If you want your company to grow and thrive, you need to choose a reliable lender you can trust. A bank that has experience and the resources you need to access factoring capital. A bank that offers some of the best rates and quickest service in the industry. Most importantly, your business needs an invoice financing lender who tailors their services to your needs and offers easy-to-use solutions for factoring.

  • Easy access to your cash with our streamlined online banking portal
  • Personalized attention from a dedicated relationship manager to help with your unique banking and financing needs
  • Customized invoice factoring solutions to fit your specific business

TAB Bank is the lender you’ve been looking for. For more than 20 years, hundreds of companies have used us to improve their internal operations and get paid faster – and you can too.

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Company invoice factoring with TAB Bank is intuitive, smooth, and easy-to-use. Manage your business anywhere, anytime.


We’ve got the resources you need. Hundreds of companies trust us for their invoice loans, and you can too.


Time is money. TAB Bank, you can access your invoice capital in as little as 24 hours after your invoices are received and verified

What is Factoring Invoices?

Are you unsure how invoice financing works? Here’s a crash course in this popular form of financing that can help propel your trucking business down the road of success.
Invoice factoring lines are financial transactions that turn invoices into cash – immediately. In the transportation lending industry, invoice factoring is a widely used method that helps alleviate the waiting period trucking companies experience after invoicing their customers. A major benefit to trucking bill factoring is that you can get instant access to money that you’ve already earned, which enables you to put the capital to use towards your business to make the right moves and grow your company.

Why American Trucking Companies Choose TAB Bank

It takes money to make money.
We get that. As an invoice financing lender, we make it simple for you to turn unpaid freight invoices into cold-hard cash that you can use to advance your trucking business.
Manage your business operations anytime, anywhere.
Our cutting-edge solutions are shaping the transportation industry and changing how trucking businesses access working capital.
Thrive in the digital age.
Use advanced technology to eliminate the hassle of outdated pen and paper processes and streamline the trucking bill factoring process.
Invoice factoring for bad credit.
There is no personal credit requirement for TAB Bank’s invoice factoring services.
Minimal documentation required.
Our aim as a lender is to make financial transactions easier and less complicated. Therefore, we require very minimal paperwork to access a line of credit against invoices.
Receive world-class customer service.
Our financial professionals have the experience required to work with trucking businesses and understand your needs. Allow our experts to work with you to customize online factoring services tailored to your company.
Transparent invoice factoring services give you peace of mind.
Financial advisors at TAB Bank work with you to ensure you have a thorough understanding of our simple terms and invoice factoring rates.
Use your accounts receivable as collateral.
When you secure invoice factoring with TAB Bank, your accounts receivable serve as collateral, so no additional collateral is required.

How is Invoice Factoring Different from Business Lending?

Invoice factoring is not a traditional business loan. Rather, it is simply the sale of assets, which are the accounts receivable or invoices. The lender purchases the right to collect a receivable or invoice, when it is paid, in exchange for a fee.

In this type of financial transaction, the factor is depending on your customers to pay. Therefore, a lender is more concerned with the financial credibility of your clients. Factoring companies can collect payment indirectly or directly. If your trucking business has creditworthy customers, invoice factoring can help you access the funds you need without having to wait on customers to pay their invoices.

How You Can Grow Your Business with Truck Company Invoice Factoring

When you get quick invoice factoring lines of credit, this immediate capital can help you fund your business in several ways, including the following:

  • Leasing or buying new equipment
  • Funding operating expenses
  • Paying taxes and payroll
  • Opening a new location
  • Covering cash flow gaps
  • Hiring new employees
  • Investing in marketing and advertising
  • Managing unexpected business expenses

Are you ready to see if your business qualifies for invoice factoring with TAB Bank?


“They understand.”

After enduring a rocky relationship with an out-of-state bank for four years, Interide Transportation decided it was time for a change. After partnering with TAB Bank, Steven Gadd, a co-owner of Interide, said, “…it honestly felt like we had died and went to heaven.” Interide recently needed a large letter of credit and sought the help of both its traditional bank and TAB Bank. Not only did Interide’s traditional bank respond with a rejection, but it took three weeks and phone call from Gadd to get the answer. However, Interide’s experience with TAB Bank was different. “Our banker at TAB absolutely went to work. He got very creative and he made it happen with his creativity and aggressiveness.” Gadd recommends trucking companies should partner with TAB Bank simply because “they understand trucking.”

Mary, Vice President, Finance Company

“TAB Bank has a very dedicated team of professionals who have provided our business with a great experience. They have been quick to help support the growth of our company and continue to work hard for our company.”

Lisa, CFO, Technology Company

“As far as TAB Bank goes, I don’t know what I would do without them. They have definitely made a big difference in our business.”

Dave, President, Distribution Company

“Our experience with TAB Bank has been very positive. In today’s economy, it is reassuring to know that there are still financial institutions out in the market that clearly understand the needs and challenges that smaller middle market companies face on a daily basis.”

Bob, Vice President, Manufacturing Company

“I’m not stuck behind a bureaucratic wall of impersonality. We can interact and solve problems in very clear language and make things happen. That’s why I like TAB.”

Mark, President, Manufacturing Company

“Our experience in working with TAB Bank can be summed up in two words – proactive partnership. Without a doubt, TAB Bank is a different bank that makes a difference. Our company is pleased to be working with them.”

Greg, CFO, Transportation Company

“One of the unique things about TAB Bank is that they are a bank that specializes in trucking – at a much higher level than any other bank.”