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Time. Sweat. Blood. Tears. You work so hard to grow your business and increase profit. Now it’s time for you to relax and take it easy while your investment works for you with business certificates of deposit (CDs) from TAB Bank.

Features of Business CD Accounts from TAB Bank:

  • The maximum permitted by law FDIC insurance

  • Highly competitive APY interest rates

  • Easy-to-access online banking

  • No monthly maintenance fees

  • Flexible terms to meet your business needs

What is a Business CD?

What exactly is a business certificate of deposit? Who issues a certificate of deposit? Commonly referred to as a CD, a certificate of deposit is a federally insured account that has a fixed date of withdrawal, which is known as the maturity date. Business CD accounts from TAB Bank also have a highly competitive fixed interest rates and they don’t have monthly fees.

You deserve to feel safe and secure when you make an investment with your hard-earned money. Business owners feel confident when they invest their money in CDs because they are considered low-risk and insured up to $250,000. Your savings will also grow faster in this type of account than it would in a traditional savings account.

The specific amount of time that you invest your money in our bank, is referred to as the duration or term. Our fixed interest rates are higher than our rates for savings accounts. When the CD matures or the term is up, you get back all of the money you invested, which is known as the principal, along with the accumulated interest.

Steady. Reliable. Secure. Grow Your Business Over Time with TAB Bank CDs

Every business is unique and has its own resources that can be put towards investments. At TAB Bank, we are pleased to present you with various options and rates for CDs. If you want to get the maximum gains from your account, consider choosing longer duration options and/or higher amounts in order to secure the best rate. Check out the chart below to learn how this sliding scale works.

TypeInterest RateAnnual Percentage Yield

Rates are current as of

This offer is good on new CDs only. The minimum balance to open a CD is $1,000. You must maintain the minimum balance indicated in the tables above to earn the disclosed APY. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

Calculations of the APY assume interest is credited to the account monthly. Fees could reduce earnings on accounts.

Refer to the appropriate Fee Schedule and Business Disclosure.

How Does Compound Interest Work on a CD High Yield Account?

Certificates of Deposit add interest to your principal periodically. Effectively, you get to reap the benefits of having interest build upon the interest that has already been added to the account. This is known as compound interest.

The rate is fixed, and you will know what it is before you open the account. It’s important that you understand the main difference between a business savings account and a CD. When you open a business CD, you will not be able to withdraw the money early without a penalty, whereas a business savings account you are able to access your money easily.

Every Business Should Have the Opportunity to Reach its Goals

Make business investments in a manner that best suit your needs. At TAB Bank, we are proud to offer business owners variety and flexibility when it comes to the amounts and lengths of duration for business CDs.

Terms of length can be as short as a few days or as long as a decade! However, the average range for businesses is between three months and five years. Keep in mind the general rule, the longer term, the more you earn.

If you are looking for an opportunity to decrease re-investment risks and interest rates, consider building up a CD ladder. When you divide the money into equal amounts and invest those into separate maturity rates, you’ll watch your business grow over time as the CDs overlap one another and build interest on your incredible rate you get for opening several CDs.

What Stands Out About TAB Bank in CD Comparisons?


Understanding and communication are priorities for our bank. We will work with you to be sure that all the terms and conditions are crystal clear.


There’s no need to add a bunch of hoops to jump through to open a CD, such as minimum deposits that are too high for many businesses. We make it easy.

Why You Should Open A Business CD Account with TAB Bank

Are you ready to enjoy an easier, better, and more profitable way of life? If you’re ready to take your investments to the next level by improving your strategies, you should consider all the benefits of opening a business CD account with TAB Bank:



Choose the right CD for your business.

Whether you want to save short-term in order to make a business investment or long-term for new equipment – we have options for you with everything in between.

Wise choices help you meet your goals and grow.

TAB Bank’s business CDs are smart moves that provide steady, reliable growth over time.

Open a business CD account with a bank you can trust.

When it comes to choosing a business CD, you want to find a bank that’s reliable and offers competitive APY CD rates. We are that bank.

Clients always come first at TAB Bank.

Our financial professionals will never put the bank’s needs over your needs. We have a client-centric approach to all our business solutions.

Customer service representatives are standing by, ready to help you.

Our customer service team is available for extended hours to take care of your business needs.

Invest your money in a highly recommended bank.

Our stellar reputation and raving customer reviews will make you feel confident when you open a business CD with TAB Bank.

We can’t wait to work with you! Give us a call today at 800-215-7128